Limb-Salvage Orthopaedic Surgery

Limb salvage surgery is performed to remove cancer and avoid amputation. This complex alternative to amputation is used to cure cancers that are slow to spread from the limb to other parts of the body.

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Musculoskeletal Sarcoma Surgery

Computer-assisted technology has made it possible for your orthopaedic specialist to navigate sarcoma procedures with a level of accuracy so precise it may improve the results of your surgery.

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Complex Total Hip &
Knee Replacement

Total Hip & Knee Replacements are complex surgical procedures in which certain parts of an arthritic or damaged joint are removed and replaced with an artificial joint, which is designed to move just like a healthy joint.

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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

James Luffman

  • Left Knee Replacement

“My wife and I were in an auto accident in July 2018. My left leg and left forearm were shattered. I had several surgeries in Oklahoma. When my wife and I returned to home to Texas in September, Dr Malek was kind enough to accept my case (sight unseen) so that I could leave the nursing home in Oklahoma. Since this leg and foot had previously been severely injured (reattached) several years prior, it became obvious to Dr Malek that I would need more surgery on my leg. Since Dr Malek specializes in knees, he referred me to Dr Ravi Karia. Dr Karia performed surgery on my left leg 2/21/19, removing all the hardware that was present in my leg and placing a Titanium rod (aka nail), he rotated my left foot about 30 Degree. At the time he completed this surgery, Dr Karia told me I would need a knee replacement after the bones healed. While most doctors wanted to remove the nail to do the surgery, I returned to Dr Malek and asked if he could do a knee replacement without removing it. He reached the table behind him and asked if I knew anything about CNC Machining. He told me that the knee would be manufactured to fit my leg and it should work fine. This could be done without removing the nail, which was my only concern. On 10/01/2020 Dr Malek replaced my left knee joint and, as I write this in early December, I am out of pain in my left leg for the first time since 7/10/2018. I am so glad that I listened to my wife and returned to Dr Malek.

You are a great Doctor and for the first time in almost two years I am feeling whole again. God Bless You Sir. I hope those who read this will find you to help them through their difficult time. By the way, my wife sends her greetings and her thanks to you as well!”

Michelle A

  • Total knee teplacement
Michelle A's photo

I just want to thank Dr. Malek for taking excellent care of me these last 8 months. Before surgery, I had to strengthen my quads. I exercised 4-5 days a week for 3 months prior to surgery. On March 19th, I had my surgery. Dr. Malek and Dr. Medina took excellent care of me. I consider them the dynamic duo. I felt like I was in the greatest doctorsâ hands.

After recovery, I went back to my room and then worked with PT. Six and 1/2 hours later, I was able to be discharged and go home. Immediately, my knee felt phenomenal. Itâs like it was my own. Dr. Malek masterfully and artistically made that happen for me. Since the surgery, I have had 4 PT home sessions. I can bend my knee, walk, climb stairs and am now walker-free. I truly appreciate Dr. Malek and his wealth of knowledge, preciseness and talent. He is the best ortho surgeon I have ever met. I will be grateful to him and Dr. Medina daily!!!!! Thanks a million!!!”


  • ORIF distal femur

“Dr Malek is the best! I have never had such a caring and compassionete surgeon before, I just wish he was located closer.”






T McDonald

  • Hip Revision

“Dr. Malek revised my hip without hesitation when 3 other doctors turned me down. He was confident, and in my opinion, did a great job. I will recommend him to anyone who needs orthopedic help.”

David Clapp

  • proximal femur ORIF

“Exellent work. Dr Malek is very personable and responsive. His work was so efficient that pain was temporary and minimal. Clearly, he is dedicated to the craft of the least invasive repair technology possible. ”


  • Knee pain

“Dr. Malek is running all sorts of tests to find out the cause of my pain. Feel comfortable with all that has been done so far.”

John S

  • Osteosarcoma

“I highly recommend him”

Paul Guillory

  • total hip replacement

“After nearly two years of dealing with throbbing right leg pain and unsuccessful medical treatment for back ailments, I was referred to Dr. Malek by an old protégée of his, Dr. Arvo Niedre. Dr. Malek diagnosed my right degenerated hip joint and replaced it on Pearl Harbor Day, 2015. Its been a year now and I thank my lucky stars daily for meeting this fine surgeon. His super helpful and kind office staff have made this past year a model of recovery that I wish everyone could experience (only if you have to!). He is the go-to surgeon for total hip replacement. ”

Kathy S

  • Repair hip replacement

“Dr. Malek, was called in to operate and cover for another surgeon. My handicapped brother who had undergone 2 hip surgeries in weeks, by a leading top surgeon, who was unavailable to follow up surgery on my brother's now infected hip. He did not hesitate or waiver. He stepped right in and was very diligent and positive to help save my brother's infected new hip. He knew that the infectious decease Dr.'s protocol was to remove the hip, but he chose to try and save the new, if infected hip. He was very compassionate about my brother and his case. He said and I quote, " I want to give your brother a chance for his hip to heal, if I remove it now, there are no guarantee's that we will be able to ever replace a new hip, and he will be unable to walk again." Thanks to him, we beat the odds. The hip remained in place and healed thanks to Dr.Malek's surgery and after care.”

Pavan A

  • Left distal femur osteochondroma

“I was referred to Dr. Malek by Dr. Kaiser from SAT Orthopedic Group in a condition where I could not move my left leg due to severe pain. Dr Malek reviewed my case and diagnosed root cause within no time . He immediately referred to me to undergo surgery to remove additional growth. This growth causing the pain was due to osteochondroma. Within two days I was in the hospital going through a 4 hour surgery to my left knee. It required expertise to remove extraneous growth amidst thick junction of veins/nerves.

Dr Malek performed exceptional job on the surgeryremoved in removing & replacing with appropriate steel support.

Now after few weeks rest & recovery, I am able to walk,run, drive enjoying my daily life.

Few other orthopedic surgeons who reviewed my case also appreciated Dr Malek's work and his timely action

We are very impressed with the time Dr. Malek took to explain the procedure and answered all of questions.

Finally, his ever smiling face, pleasant attitude & skills /expertise make me to recommend him for anyone who needs an Orthopedic Surgeon”

Ronnie Stanford

  • Hip surgery

“I had hip surgery. Well I put off, and off, and off, but then I realized it was time to do something, like have my hip surgery. Yes, no one want to get any kind of operation but you know what, that was the best thing I had done. I'm not being paid for saying this but when a doctor greets you on time for your appointment, talk to you in a very friendly manner and you can understand him because he says what he needs to say in language and words you can understand. He even walks you to the door and at time to the lobby. I know because when I went the first time the other people all and I mean all said hello to him. His nurse Joanna allway greats you with a smile and knows you name. The most important thing is my hip is doing just fine. Ronnie Stanford”

Maria R.T.

  • Sarcoma

“I was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma in October 2013. Dr. Malek,MD performed the

Surgery needed. He is a true professional in managing my progress. Dr. Malek has given

me back my fiscal and mental confidence. If I have questions and concerns Joanna in the office always handles with priority.

Barbara M.

  • Fracture Radius and Ulna

“âDr. Malek was the Orthopedic Specialist called when I was admitted to the Santa Rosa Emergency Room with a severely broken dominant left wrist. (Or as Dr. Malek says, âFractured Radius and Ulnaâ)

From the beginning he was very professional, knowledgeable and informative. He set my arm in a cast that day but told me I would need surgery. The surgery was scheduled and Dr. Malek put my wrist back together with a titanium rod and 8 screws. Afterwards he continued to check on my progress at home and follow up Xrays in his office. He counseled me on the importance of caring for our bones with nutrition, vitamins and exercise. He also sent me to a great Physical Therapist. His nurse Joanna is very friendly, helpful and a great asset to his practice. I am extremely happy with Dr. Malekâs work. I am able to write, work and pick up my grandbaby again. And I have a beautifully done 3 inch scare that is barely visible.

Dr. Malek is truly expert is his field of medicine and a sincerely good man. I highly recommend him. â

Susan Vura

  • Total knee replacement of an infected joint

“My father is a patient of Dr. Malek's. He tells people that Dr Malek saved his life. This may or may not be true. What is true, is that Dr. Malek gave my father the will to live after he replaced his infected knee joint. Dad had both knees replaced about 9 years ago. The surgery and rehab went well and then he fell. After a year or two we noticed a bump growing on the top of one knee and went back to the original surgeon for evaluation. The surgeon told us the knee was infected and he sent us to an infectious disease doctor. We treated with him for about a year and Dad's heart surgeon and his PCM said to go back to the original surgeon for another follow up. We did and were told he was not going to touch it because it was a very high risk surgery and he didn't want to put Dad through it. We went to three other orthopedic surgeons who would not touch it before we found Dr. Malek. Dr. Malek told us that it indeed was high risk, and it would be more than one surgery and rehab, but if we were willing to take it on, so was he. My Dad was so greatfull, he cried. I think I cried too. My Dad had pretty much given up hope and did not want to live like this any more. Dr. Malek believes in quality of life as well as good medical practice. We all left his office with hope in our hearts and tears in our eyes.

Surgery went well. Rehab went well. Surgery went well. Rehab is going well and we are more than happy.

We reccommend Dr. Malek to everyone we see. He has made our lives so much better. He is a gifted surgeon and a truly wonderful,caring, hands on Doctor. My husband has given up his orthopaedic surgeon and is now treating with Dr. Malek too! The office staff is also the best. We are so blessed to have found them.”

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